Friday, September 30, 2011

Fashion For All

Yes, I would consider myself a true follower of fashion. To tell you the truth, I think everyone in some shape or form is or was. Whether it's the past, today or tomorrow's world, we have all lived in a world surrounded by fashion statements, fashion don'ts and general fashion that gets us by because, well we have to wear something don't we?

Marjorie, from "Bernice Bobs Her Hair" was pleasantly refreshing, at least in my opinion. Though she was mean, she was also truthful and definitely a follower of fashion. I guess I should start off by saying what I think a "follower of fashion" means to me. I think a follower is someone who not necessarily dresses and wears the latest fashion and shops from the trendiest stores but rather, they are educated on fashion. These are the people who can spot "Lucky Jeans" a mile away or see a penguin on a shirt and know it's the Penguin Company. These are the people who don't always wear expensive designer clothes, but know one design when they see it.

I, being a follower of fashion, find this ability distracting at times, especially in movies because of scenarios in particular. If a movie is representing a family that is "low-income" or is struggling to pay bills, they have these actors dressed in the highest fashion. A true follower of fashion would hit a road block here because the scene becomes unrealistic by what the actor or actress is wearing. I think Marjorie is just like this.

She deep down probably loves her cousin Bernie but her lack of social intelligence is blinding to Marjorie. It's hard for her to see the whole picture of Bernie being a person who has a brain because she is too busy obsessing over the things that she doesn't have.

As we talked about in class, Marjorie just told it like it is and in the words of one of the students, "Marjorie's keeping it real." I agree with what this student said because Marjorie is only asking that everyone have something to offer. She doesn't punish or make fun of the fat girl because she is fat. If she's funny, she has something to offer and that seemed to be enough for Marjorie.

Straying a little away from the reading, I think it's important to really look to where fashion originated. We've seen pictures of past fashion in class and we've read about women's clothing slowly maturing into lesser garments. I think this thought of fashion in general and all this time women and men spent on fussing over clothing was due to the fact that there was time.  Time to be wasted for a change, instead of spending it on trying to live. Sure everyone was trying to make a living and horrible things were happening all across the country, particular in the south, but people who had a touch more money than most could afford to put some though into how they looked.

What do you think of this theory? Which side are you on- Bernice or Marjorie?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Magical Thinking

Watch this video

Looks familiar right? This commercial gets my roommates and I riled up for some reason or another and we can't help but express our undying love for this commercial. Personally, I think it's hard to have a really great commercial in the world of advertisement.  Everyone is trying so desperately to keep up with one another that some dance in the spotlight and others fall by the waist-side. This commercial however, uses a few unique tools to help viewers remember their product over others.

In class on Thursday we talked about this concept called, Magical Thinking. ideas in class were tossed around about how we as a human population are in aw over the glitter of advertisement. Magical thinking says that when we buy this product that is advertised it will make our lives better. In class I found the concept of magical thinking very interesting and understandable when we discussed the idea of taking a pill-it just really dawned on me I guess. Whatever your problem was, it was curable with a pill.

Getting back to my commercial, I thought how genuis it was to use a less attracttractive girl in the commercial because most commercials are flooding with beauitful women. I thought this gave the commercial a memorable quality to it. I also felt they did a good job with the story they told. By having the funky woman dancer dance her way into various different scenes it showed that the drink was versatile and happiness would surround you if you drank it.

Our magical thinking leads us to believe this ad because, for all the soda lovers out there, maybe they feel like dancing around and really they are living through the commercial. Therefore an average women dancing and drinking this drink seems normal because we find the commercial to make us feel good and most of the time it leaves us laughing. This was a clever advertising technique because if you use a song everyone knows and pair it with an image that people wont forget they will remember the product and buy it. I know for a fact that I use magical thinking everyday with buying things or even trying to get rid of a headache. Where do you use magical thinking?