Thursday, November 17, 2011

Recap of my favorite TV show

TV today is, in my opinion, in competition with itself everyday. Since almost every main idea has been used in most TV shows, the main corporations that own each channel are trying to out do themselves by generating new ideas that encompass some sort of creative flair. I started watching "New Girl" but I always forgot when it was on. I also watched "Ridiculousness" but I found myself missing episodes of that as well. So what makes a TV show work? I guess this could be up for debate depending on each individual response but for me, I think a TV shows success involves some degree of popularity amongst groups of people.

Now I know that seems a bit obvious but it's true. These new shows or lightly watched shows (still successful) are never spoke of. This leads me to tell you what my favorite TV show is; The Amazing Race. I have watched this show with my family for years. I feel it encompasses all the necessary ingredients for a TV show, some of which being, entertaining, game show quality (addictive), popularity, genders and ages (appeals to adults, teens and children of each sex).

For those of you who may or may not watch this show, here is a recap of what the show is all about.

I think things tend to get a bit complicated and rant feeling when people do multiple page recaps. I didn't necessarily like the reading we did for "True Blood," a show I have never watched before, because it delved too deep into things I didn't feel were worth mentioning. In my attempt to recap, I will try to cover all the bases without loosing you so here it goes. The Amazing Race is a game show for a prize of 1,000,000 dollars. Typically twelve teams will embark on a journey that takes them around the world to fascinating places. Teams of two are chosen to be on the show through castings, which each team is required to send to CBS. At each destination the teams will have to face multiple scenarios where they will do challenges and eat things they normally wouldn't. Besides the point of this show being a game show, there is some cultural education happening here. Each team will learn a specific trade or engage in some sort of activity that highlights the country's culture. In past seasons, "road blocks" are yet another obstacle. Teams must race to be the ones in the lead throughout every activity and arrogance or rushing could cause the teams a major set back.

For me, this show, through all it's seasons has opened my eyes to corners of the world that I had little to no education on. I feel that the show has broaden my horizons and at times even encouraged me to visit some of the places. With saying that, there has also been some countries in which I would never think twice of going. During a single episode you will see the teams compete against each other in a series of multiple challenges, some of which the teams themselves have decided to do when they get their cards that present them with a few choices. This serves as an interesting part of the show because the people watching at home start to think of what they would do as well and although some sound easier than others, they prove to be harder. Also, one team member, most of the time, is to engage in the activity they chose. If one team member does one activity, the next is left to the other team member so one person does not carry the team.

The Amazing Race incorporates all of today's must haves, which I think is both clever and genius. Game shows are addictive but can also become boring since the game is set in one way. The Amazing Race has taken this game show quality and added it to the whole reality TV phase that our country is in. Populations all over the globe look forward to this show season after season because each time the places and people are different.


  1. The Amazing Race is a show that I personally never got into. I did not even know that it was still running. I never really watched reality tv shows. I think that is because I would rather watch shows where I can get to know characters throughout a few seasons, maybe even get attached to them. This is not to say that the Amazing Race is not entertaining. I have watched one or two episodes in the past. It is just not a show that I could see myself watching religiously
    I do agree with what you said about the recap we had to read for class. I thought it took recaps to a whole new level, and not in a good way. He picked apart EVERYTHING. I never knew someone could talk so much about one line in a tv show.

  2. It's interesting that you find New Girl to be a show that most people don't talk about, as it's apparently one of the most popular shows of the new season (don't ask me. I don't much like it either). But the recap option of this assignment asks you to analytically describe a specific episode, not just to describe a show and why you like it. Remember that what we're going for in the context of this class is looking at the bigger picture, what aspects of pop culture mean in a larger context. You may not find specific things worth analyzing or of interest, but learning to analyzing things you do like can also expand your world.